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Robyn Philips

I’ve been sailing for as long as I remember thanks to my parents, from Oppy sailing aged 6 on little Midland Reservoirs to racing Oppies, Laser 4.7s and 420s at National and International level sailing was a huge part of growing up!
I did my Instructor Certificate aged 16 and whilst at University did several seasons at Rutland Water gaining my Senior Instructor Certificate there. I then moved to Scotland and have been instructing with both AST and ASYC enjoying what the North Sea has to offer!
I also enjoy cruising and have taken part in several tall ships trips and been as far afield as Norway, The Seychelles and Madeira on these trips. I’ve also loved trips on the West Coast of Scotland with friends and family.
I enjoy instructing as sailing has such a range of things to offer and no two days are ever the same from burning around in a Laser 4000 or 29er to relaxing on deck in the sun (or rain) on a cruise!
Chief Instructor
Angie Fraser

I started sailing as a child after reading Swallows and Amazons books. Sailing is still as much an adventure today as it was back then, whether it is racing, pottering, or cruising. I became an instructor as a student, having had so much fun learning, and wanting to share the fun with others. Since then I have worked a couple of seasons aborad, 8 seasons at Port Edgar, and the last 10 in Aberdeenshire (and accross Scotland). It has been a delight to see the talent pool grow in our instructing team over the last few years. Read the profiles below to see!

• RYA Coach Assessor
• RYA Senior Instructor with advanced & racing endorsements
• RYA Powerboat Instructor
• RYA First Aid Instructor
• SRC Assessor
• RYA Coach of the year 2011
• RYA Scotland instructor of the year 2013
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Anita Stewart

I started sailing when I was five years old, began teaching 15 years ago and can safely say I still love the sport.

A few years ago some friends and I spent a week sailing east from Marseille in a lovely yacht. We slept on board moored in the coves at night and got up to rock climb the cliffs in the morning. By far my favourite holiday yet. (Originally it was supposed to be an all boy holiday, until they realised none of them could sail or hire the boat so I got an invite as skipper!).
I've raced 2000's, toppers and small yachts as crew, spent many loved hours in wayfarers and especially loved sailing and racing with Angie in her 29er. They're the main boats I've been in but over the years I've sailed lots of others too!

In term time I live in London working as an Art Psychotherapist with kids and families experiencing difficulties.
Jamie Rodgers

I was born in Aberdeenshire in 1995 but didn’t start learning to sail until 2009 when I did a course at Peterhead. Since then I’ve raced dinghies regularly with Peterhead Sailing Club and sailed on yachts throughout Scotland.

I have also sailed on trips as far afield as Norway and The Faroes and competed in the double-handed Azores and Back Yacht Race 2015. I also live on a small sailboat whilst studying for a degree in Marine Science with Arctic Studies in Oban; I sail as much as possible over there including racing and occasional instructing at Oban Sailing Club and introducing friends to the wonders of messing about in boats.

I’ve been instructing for 3 years as a DI after a couple of years as an Assistant Instructor. It’s great to help people get into sailing and see them enjoying the amazing environment we have here as they learn.

• RYA Dinghy Instructor
• RYA Powerboat Instructor
• RYA Safety Boat
Ditta Neumann

Born in 1964 in Germany I discovered sailing while on a YMCA holiday to River Blackwater in 1981. However, it was only when my kids were old enough to be able to learn to sail that I really started dinghy sailing in earnest. I quickly got involved with the junior sailing programme at Aberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club (ASYC) in 2003 and have organised these sessions for over 10 years. In my spare time I helm a RS200 and drive safety boats at major sailing events.

• RYA Senior Instructor
• RYA Dinghy Instructor (race and coastal endorsements)
• RYA Powerboat Instructor
• RYA Race Coach Level 2
• ASYC Principal, Junior coordinator and child protection officer
• RYA Scotland Volunteer of the year, 2015
Graham Adie

After starting sailing at Peterhead at the age of twelve, I soon discovered Topper racing and began competing in the Friday and Sunday racing nights. After toppers I progressed to Lasers and currently own a Laser 4000. I am in my final year at Aberdeen University, during which, I have not only been studying for my degree but have also taken part in the university sailing team, and going off to competitions all over the UK representing Aberdeen University in team racing competitions. Along with dinghy sailing I have also been taking part in some bigger boat racing on both the West Coast and in England. I have been instructing for 5 years and race coaching for 3. It has been fantastic to teach beginners the basics of sailing, and to help more advanced sailors hone their skills.

• RYA Senior Instructor with racing endorsement

Marleen Mowatt

I first got hooked on dinghy sailing as a teenager, this led me into costal sailing and at the age of 17 I had the opportunity to take part in the Tall Ships Races over two years sailing in the Bay of Biscay and the Baltics. In the past 20 years I have always kept a keen interest in sailing, mainly cruising in the North East of Scotland and also the Mediterranean. As a Powerboat Instructor and safety boat driver I spend a lot of my time coaching and supervising sailors.

I have AST's Launching Lassies to thank for capturing the dinghy sailing bug again. After a chance conversation, I got involved with the Launching Lassies and re-discovered the thrill of dinghy sailing and made some great friends. I went on to complete my RYA Dinghy Instructor with AST in 2012 and a few years on I'm now a Senior Instructor and enjoy the passing on the skills for life I have learned through sailing. In my spare time I love sailing with my kids and cruising in our yacht is a great way to spend quality family time.

• RYA Senior Instructor
• RYA Powerboat Instructor
• RYA Day Skipper (Practical)
• RYA Yachtmaster and RYA Ocean Master (Theory)
Senior Instructors
Kian Sterritt

I first hit the water sailing at Loch Morlich in the Cairngorms at an age too young to have taken note of - seemed like a fun thing to do in between splashing about and building sandcastles!
After travelling around watching older siblings take part in racing events I quickly became bored and so got involved myself! For the next few years weekends and school holidays saw me sailing Oppies, Toppers, Cadets (remember them?!) and Lasers up and down the country as a member of the-then Scottish Sailing Squad. This very sociable, less-serious-than-most racing career ended at University and thereafter it was coaching and instructing all the way! From Winter Race Training in Shetland to Summer Holiday courses on the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, it has always been a thrill helping others to make the most of their sailing at every level and realise the many benefits that I have been lucky enough to!
After a couple of sailing-free years in Snowy Canada (where Skiing was the name of the game) I am super looking forward to being back in the AST community and getting out on-the-water racing and pottering about as often as possible! See you out there!

• RYA Senior Instructor with Advanced endorsement
• RYA Powerboat Instructor
• RYA Race Coach Level 2