October 2017
The Gordon Leisure Projects Trust
We're delighted to announce 1826.89 of funding support towards new mainsails and launching trolleys for the Loch of Skene Wayfarers from the Gordon Leisure Projects Trust. This is excellent news! The wayfarers are the backbone of everything we do at Skene with regards to adult courses & disability groups so this new much needed kit will be very much appreciated by many, many people. We plan to have this kit in place for the start of the Skene season next year. Thank you to the trustees of the Gordon Leisure Projects Trust!
September 2017
The Jo Walters Trust
We are delighted to announce that the Jo Walters Trust has offered us 2270 of funding towards a rescue boat and trolley to be used at Knockburn Loch.   This will allow us to increase our opportunities at Knockburn, as we will be able to be there for a much longer season and not be reliant on moving a rescue boat across from Loch of Skene once activities have finished up there.   This is brilliant news for anyone keen to start sailing & for local schools and youth groups in Aberdeen, and Southern, Central and Western Aberdeenshire.   We are absolutely delighted!   Thank you to The Jo Walters Trust!
Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust
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Aberdeen Airport Community Trust
The Airport Community Trust has agreed to support us with 1000 of funding towards helmets & spray tops for young sailors to wear at Knockburn Loch.   This is brilliant news as it will help support us to be able to offer more sailing at Knockburn over a longer season.   At present in the Spring we don't have enough kit to be able to offer sailing at Knockburn in addition to Loch of Skene and Peterhead, so this will help to address this & give more opportunities for young sailors, schools and youth groups from Central, Western & Southern Aberdeen s well as Aberdeen City.   Thank you to the Airport Community Trust.
Get out Get Active
Get Out Get Active has agreed to help to fund our disability club for season 2018.   This should make sailing more accessible to people with disabilities.   Thank you Get Out Get Active!
July & August 2017
Aberdeenshire Council Capacity Grants
We have been successful in an application to this fund for mini optimists rigs to support younger children to go sailing.   We'll be able to purchase 6 new rigs to be used at Peterhead.   These will be great for our starfish sailors and for schools that want to bring younger pupils in activities weeks, as well as for smaller and younger children on courses.
In addition Aberdeenshire Sports Council has agreed to support us with 200 towards two of these mini rigs for Knockburn Loch for the same purpose.
Tescos Bags of Help have agreed to support Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust with a donation towards launching trolleys and sails for wayfarers.   We were voted into 3rd place in July and August in city stores, Westhill & Dyce and will be receiving an award of 1000, to be spent on this much needed kit for wayfarers for Loch of Skene.   Thanks to Tesco's and all the shoppers who voted for us!
June 2018
RYA Foundation
The RYA Foundation has awarded us 2874 to complete the funding for our Hansa 303.
March 2018
Henry Duncan Trust (Corra Foundation)
The Henry Duncan Trust has awarded us 4000 to go towards a Hansa 303 for wheelchair users and people with mobility disabilities.   Just a little bit left to complete the boat!
Jan 2018
Morrisons Bag Pack
Our Christmas bag pack raised 333.61 which will go towards wetsuits for Peterhead.   Thanks to the shoppers, helpers & store.
North Connect & Foundation Scotland
North Connect has awarded us 1000 towards a rescue boat engine for one of our Peterhead rescue boats.   Fantastic news!   It means we'll be able to have enough rescue boats in action to be able to continue to offer schools sailing and run our busy after school clubs.   Thank you Foundation Scotland and North Connect.