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Junior Courses
For the junior courses we have a choice of oppies and toppers; little people go in oppies, bigger people go in toppers!   The RYA junior scheme is very flexible with learning done in little chunks using lts of fun and games.  There are spaces in the log book to get each bit ticked off as soon as it is achieved.   
Many of our courses follow an RYA syllabus.   In order to gain the certificate students need to complete the syllabus.   If for any reason (e.g. lack of wind) this appears unlikely, students & parents will be informed about this during the course. A certain amount of water confidence is important when taking part in sailing or indeed any other watersport.   Therefore we require that all participants should be confident in the water wearing a buoyancy aid / lifejacket.

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A course will not run if there are not enough applicants on it to make it financially viable.   We aim to give as much warning as possible in these circumstances.   We reserve the right to cancel a course due to lack of bookings or other circumstances.   In this instance, a full refund will be given.   No refunds will be given for an individual failing to complete a course.   In the event of you requiring a cancellation, we will do our utmost to sell your place again and if successful, a full refund will be given.   Otherwise, a 50% refund will be given for cancellations with more than 21 days notice from the start date of the course.   If less than 21 days from the start date, no refund will be given.

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Scottish Week Taster Sessions
We run 2 hour taster sailing sessions for ages 8-16 at Peterhead as part of Scottish Week.   Monday 22nd & Tuesday 23rd July 2019.
Starfish Sailors
These are sessions for children aged 5-7 where the emphasis is on fun with boats.   Run at Peterhead and Knockburn Loch.
RYA Stage 1
For ages 8-14.    Suitable for complete beginners.   Lots of fun, lots of games, and a great intro to sailing.   Two days or 4 evenings
Combined RYA Stage 1 & 2
We combine the RYA stage 1 & 2 courses over 5 days midweek in the Summer holidays.   Run at Peterhead and Knockburn Loch.
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RYA Stage 2
For ages 9-15.   The next stage.   Learning how to go towards the wind and away from it, plus lots more games and fun of course
RYA Stage 3
For ages 10-16.   At the end of this course you'll really be a sailor and be very self sufficient.   This course will cover all the points of sailing and being more efficient (and more fun and games).
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Youth Improvers
For those who have completed stage 3 and would like a week of more practice, more fun & also to increase their skills.   May include the chance to try different boats depening on conditions.
RYA Stage 4
Stage 4 looks at all the techniques and maneouvres from stage 3, but in crewed boats, plus a little extra theory & more skill.
Advanced Boat Handling and Racing
A week long course to improve young sailors boat handling & racing skills.   The emphasis is on coaching.   If sailors are keen, we'll cover one of the RYA Advanced modules.
After School Clubs
Regular sailing and a great way to consolidate skills with new friends.
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Youth Racing
This 5 day midweek course will cover the racing modules, depending on what you have already completed (start, intermediate or advanced racing).
Race Training
We run some two day race training clinics at Easter and October, and some Saturdays throughout the season.   Open to anyone stage 3+
De-rust stage 2+ Improvers
An Easter holiday course to blow away the winter cobwebs and get afloat for some sailing fun.   Lots of revision & practice to warm up for the coming season.
Parent and Toddler Sailing
Sessions for parents and young children to get out afloat for a wee sail together.