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Race Training 2019
We run Race Training Saturdays, Easter and October two day clinics, Race training evenings at Loch of Skene and Class specific race training (e.g. lasers).   The latter two are open to any ages.
In addition North and East Scotland Sailing has a junior winter race training programme running at Clubs in the NESS area.   Sometimes these clubs will have boats available for those who don't have / can't transport their own boat.   More details available via the North And East Scotland Sailing Facebook page.
RYA Scotland also run race training for all ages in pathway classes via their Class Academy programme.   Details here:   RYA Scotland

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Tips for staying warm for Easter and October Race training:
Wear a warm hat (that stays on when windy!)
Waterproof trousers over your wetsuit will keep the wind off you and so keep you cosier.
Think about thermal rashtops / thermal layers with your wetsuit.
Winter sailing gloves may also help.
And finally if you are planning on sailing more through the winter- a 5mm westuit or a drysuit with wooly bear underneath will make a big difference to your comfort and happiness!
Booking Conditions


A course will not run if there are not enough applicants on it to make it financially viable.   We aim to give as much warning as possible in these circumstances.   We reserve the right to cancel a course due to lack of bookings or other circumstances.  In this instance, a full refund will be given.   No refunds will be given for an individual failing to complete a course.  In the event of you requiring a cancellation, we will do our utmost to sell your place again and if successful, a full refund will be given.   Otherwise, a 50% refund will be given for cancellations with more than 21 days notice from the start date of the course.   If less than 21 days from the start date, no refund will be given.

Race Training Evenings, Loch of Skene
Fridays, 7-9pm
Open to Stage 3 / Level 2 + Sailors
Adults 20, Juniors 15
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Race Training Saturdays
Open to Stage 3 + / Level 2 + Sailors
10am-4.30pm, at Peterhead.
Laser Race Training Peterhead
Please  note you must supply your own laser dinghy.   Open to all ages
Blue Toon Trophy Race Training
22nd & 23rd June 2019, Peterhead.   Open to school aged sailors
Race Training, Easter and October Holidays
For stage 3+ sailors or Level 2+ sailors
RYA Start Racing
One of the RYA Advanced modules.   This course will  cover all the basics you need to know to feel confident taking part in club racing.